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Sicily is more than an island. It has been said that Sicily has been the most conquered place on earth. Consequently many different people, religion and cultures joined over the centuries to develop an original and eclectic cultural history which still today fascinated people from all over the world. In Sicily you can come to see the history book come alive!

UNESCO Palermo: traveller’s mecca for all season and all demand

Palermo Walking Tour Day Trip

Full Day Tour

Topic: the coexistence
This Tour combine history, culture, gastronomy and Gardens

History, culture, architecture, gastronomy but also gorgeous gardens, thanks to the favorable climate that reproduces the natural habitat .
In 2018 Palermo hosted Manifesta “The European Biennial of Contemporary Art “built on the idea that Palermo reflex this concept of a planetarium garden, and of cultivation and coexistence (between species, human beings, etc).

This tour includes Villa Malfitano, constructed in the late 19th In Renaissance revival style, the villa has many beautifully decorated rooms over three floors and it holds a large collection of works of art that the original owner collected from many trips. Around the villa there is a beautiful park of 7 acres, with rare plants from all over the world.

The tour includes a walk around the streets of Palermo’s old town, admiring its landmarks and monument of the old city. Stop at an old market: Palermo regularly ranks as one of the world’s top destinations for street food, dare to taste Palermo’s authentic one ( arancini, panelle, sfincione, milza etc..) as you learn about local gastronomy and pastry.

Proceeding towards Piazza Marina, in the old Kalsa district, a city within a city. Often overlooked by visitors, Palermo’s Kalsa district is an unpolished gem built upon more medieval history than entire Old World cities. Here we can admire the “Garibaldi Gardens” which encloses Palermo’s biggest tree: a venerable 25m-high, 150-year-old ficus.

This tour will end at the Butera Palace, once belonged to the noble Branciforte family is one of these extraordinary places in the city was recently restored and facing towards the seafront and the bay of Palermo. The palace house a lovely and chic wine bar and cafè managed by wine- making dinasty Tasca D’Almerita. This stop is a must to have a real sens of Palermo and is a perfect vantage point from which to appreciate the variety of influences on the city’s skyline.

Palermo half day walking tour

Topic: The self image and the perception

The observation and reflection of what is visible, becomes imperative to define what is deeper and therefore invisible. Sigmund Freud

This tour includes a walking tour in Palermo old Kalsa neighbourhood a city within a city. Often overlooked by visitors, Palermo’s Kalsa district is an unpolished gem to be explored.

The tour includes a visit to the Regional Gallery to contemplate the marvelous painting “Annunziata” a masterpiece by Antonello da Messina

Antonello da Messina (ca. 1430-1479) was one of the most innovative and influential painters of the fifteenth-century.The development of his style had an enormous impact on painting. Time to visit the museum.

Discussion about The self image and the perception in the Feldenkrais method.

Proceeding towards Piazza Marina were we can admire the Giardino Garibaldi which encloses Palermo’s biggest tree,150-year-old ficus benjamin “Ficus Macrophylla”

This tour will end at the Butera Palace one of these extraordinary places in this district, something not to be missed

The Palace facing towards the seafront offers a spectacular view of the city and the marina, it has a lovely and chic wine bar and cafè managed by wine- making dinasty Tasca D’Almerita. This stop is a must to have a real sens of Palermo and is a perfect vantage point from which to appreciate the variety of influences on the city’s skyline.

You can decide to combine these tours exchanging the proposed itineraries according to you personal interest.

Trapani and western Sicily

Beside the capital Trapani other places includes Segesta, Erice, Alcamo, Selinunte, Marsala, Island of Mozia, naturalistic spots particularly the Golf of Castellamare, the ancient salt pans between Trapani and Marsala are among the most interesting sites.
In Trapani we recommend as well the traditional cuisine, the result of Arab influences still alive in this province.

Marsala/Mazzara del Vallo and Museum of the Dancing Satyr

Full Day Tour

The eternal dance: “the dynamic equilibrium and fluidity in movement”
The contemplation of this masterpiece is also an opportunity to talk about of the concept of “awareness of the whole self” in the Feldenkrais method.

Near Trapani Mazzara 1:40 minutes from Palermo ( 135 km) can sum up the character and history of a whole island: beautiful historical old town with an old Casbah but above all the museum dedicated to one of the most important legacies of classical Greek art: the bronze statue of the Dancing Satyr. The sculpture, beautifully restored dated IV BC represents a Silenus, a mythological being, follower of the procession of Dionysus.
Much of the economy in this town is based on fishing and it is attractive to those who seek for excellence of such products. Many harbor restaurants have great fish.
Mazzara is a town full of stories and timeless flavors and mystery.
Finally on the way back we can enjoy a friendly stroll in the charm town of Marsala renowned for the famous vine and the view of the western coast were to admire the the ancient salt pans, one of the most fascinating place in Sicily.

Trapani Erice - Day Tour

Topic: The Cult of the Mother Goddes and fluidity in movement.

This singular city, located at 751 m. above sea level overlooking the Tyrrhenian cost of wester Sicily offers the most breathtaking views, from the famous Castle built by the Norman we can admire the Egadi Islands off the coast of Trapani. In Erice you can breath a palpable sense of history.

Discussion about the cult of the Mother Goddes in ancient time in relation to the movement in awareness.

Erice is a really fairytaile mounting-top. Visit of the castle which in ancient time was the location of the shrine dedicated to the goddess of love. We visit the medieval town were you can find good restaurant with local cuisine. During the tour there will be the opportunity for a free tasting of the almond pastries at an historical bakery owned by Maria Grammatico, sweets made from ancient recipes of the nuns of cloistered monasteries..
On the way back a short stop in Trapani to admire the Ligny Tower located at the western tip of the historic center of Trapani and a short stroll in the heart of this ancient town.



Segesta - Half day tour

Topic: The Art of observation

“People’s mind are changed through observation and not through argument”
Will Roger

About seventy kilometer southwest of Palermo, Segesta reflects the presence of several ancient civilizations beginning with the elusive Elymians.
The city stood on a vast plateau between the two peaks of Monte Barbaro in a naturally well defended position. We start our visit with Doric temple, whose majestic appearance and dominating position bestow great nobility on the landscape, one of the best conserved Greek Doric classic temples and the highlight of this large archaeological park. By walking or use the public shuttle bus, we also reach the top of the hill to visit the recent excavations of the Agora (main square) from the Classic and the Roman period and the ruins of the Norman Castle. From here we can enjoy the incredible view in direction of the Gulf of Castellammare, the former port of ancient Segesta.

Here with the historical and artistic description of the theater, we will have the opportunity to talk about the topics of the use of the eyes in movement in the Feldekrais method and the art of observation: true theater of life.

Observational art is easily defined as drawing or painting from life.


Il feldekrais e l’arte di osservare

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Il feldenkrais e l’approccio mindfullness al metodo

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Il feldekrais e l’arte di addormentarsi

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